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Toys For Lil Troops

Toys For Lil Troops is a program that was founded by our very own Veteran, SSgt Stan Pinkus. He wanted to create a toy program that provided toys specifically to the children of low income and/or deployed troops. Every year, the US Veterans Corps delivers these toys to local military installations including, but not limited to, Fort Bragg, Camp LeJeune, Fort Lee, Seymour Johnson, and the NC National Guard. We also deliver toys year round to the children of Veteran famililes in need.

WE ACCEPT ALL TOYS for the Toys For Lil' Troops Program!! All toys count for our program and we thank you for each and every toy you donate! For this year only, if you would like your toy donation to count for the Guinness record breaking event on November 29th, please follow the tips below as set by the Guinness guidelines. Whether your toy counts toward the record or not, they will all be delivered to the children of our local military bases!!

Helpful Guinness Record Breaking Info:
  • 1. Toys must be NEW and UNWRAPPED
  • 2. Definition of a Toy: Something to be played with. If it can be "played with" it is considered a toy.
  • 3. What is not a toy? Skateboards, bicycles, scooters, books, activity books.
  • 4, Toys that might be considered heavy enough to help achieve the record faster: wooden toys, marbles, board games, metal toys, electronic learning toys, wooden puzzles, dollhouses, heavy toys in general.

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