America’s Veteran Volunteers


Volunteer Opportunities!

View our calendar  and find out when and where you can help make a difference in your community along side us at U.S. Veterans Corps events! It’s time to get hands on with your community service and what better way to do it than with a mission deployment attitude?

What can YOU do for your community?

Contact us today if you’re interested in locating volunteer opportunities or you’d just like to see how you can help out, or donate . By standing by us at our events giving your time or from home with your donations, we’re able to better support our fellow veterans and our communities.

Become A Sponsor

Corporate and Individual sponsorship opportunities are available and welcome for all USVC projects. Our events promote team building and show the public that your company is as patriotic as it is hands on in the community.

Show Your Support

If you’re going to volunteer, you might as well look good doing it! Order a USVC Community Service Action Tee today!